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HACCP has become synonymous with food safety and quality.

A HACCP based food safety program is the recognized system for Food Safety.

It's a logical, simple and effective system for food safety control.

The system is designed to identify "hazards and/or critical situations" in your operation and produce a plan to control these situations.

The HACCP system was introduced to the food industry as a "spin-off" of the space program in the 1960s.

The concept was developed by the Pillsbury Company while working with NASA, to provide safe food for astronauts during space expeditions.

The limitations of end product testing became evident to those who were trying to provide the safest possible food products for the astronauts.

In order to ensure that food used for space missions would be safe, a new approach was needed.

The proactive system of HACCP evolved from these efforts to provide the safest possible food products. HACCP has been widely used by industry ever since.

We develop your HACCP system to your operation and provide you and your staff with the training required to gain and maintain compliance to regulatory requirements and the certification process.

HACCP based food safety programs are now implemented and recognised in over 150 countries worldwide as the system of choice for safe food handling.

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